Friday, November 19, 2010

Renovation Update: Bedroom

If you've been following my blog you know that I've taken over caregiving for my parents and last December began downsizing their home.  In between, I'm freelancing as a CAD designer and doing some serious networking, which also meant I needed to renovate my personal space on the second floor for greater efficiency, i.e. no sense having a great wardrobe/art/furniture if it's not out and being used.

Renovation: Phase One involved taking personal inventory and selling off items no longer meaningful/in use via eBay/Etsy and my pop-up shop at the local markets.  Thankfully, I've always purchased with care and an eye for the long term so liquidation was only those items that were no longer *me.*

I'm now in Renovation: Phase Two, which involves repurposing furniture, redesigning room layouts, and selecting paint.  My doll collection is now housed in the larger of three rooms, I have a foyer/library for greeting guests, and a mock-up of the walk-in closet (one of two in the bedroom) roughed out so I can at least get to my wardrobe for work.  My Dad was always a great partner on these projects, sadly at 90 he has officially retired, so a local handyman will refurbish the closet walls.

Here's where I stand so far.  Click photos for a larger view:


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  2. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by. I don't mind being bookmarked, just as an FYI I'm not accepting advertising at this point in time. Appreciate your interest!