Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Real Faces of The Garment Industry...Where is Their Tribute?

There he sits, just catty-corner from Parsons.  The statue of the diligent garment worker hunched over his sewing machine, stitching the legacy that is the Garment District of New York.  As many times as I've passed him, I still come away feeling that something is missing from this tribute.

These are the faces of the American garment industry I grew up knowing...

Mayfair Dress Company.  My Grandmom Viola is second from left.

Possibly Brodskys, South River, NJ.  Circa 1930s-1940s
Photos from personal archive.

These women taught me everything I know about fabric, construction, and self-respect.  The Wulfsons, along with the Brodskys whose factory produced Judy Bond Blouses, were demanding but fair employers who valued their employees.  These companies produced tens of thousands of garments which filled the racks of many a New York department store.

So much recent chatter has been given press recently on "Saving the Garment District".  Hopefully somewhere in those grandiose plans laid out on the drafting tables of the CFDA lies a tribute to these women past, present and future who continue to keep garment manufacturing vital.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall-ing for Colors

Due to a troublesome March nor'easter and a failed sump pump, I've relocated my design workspace out of the basement and into my second floor studio, which pleasantly resulted in clear Northern Light and a perpetual view of life-in-motion outside (I live on a very busy main road).  It's very inspiring to watch the seasonal color palettes change as I work.

Time to pull out the flannels and feathers!

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

A Most Perfect Scarf Display

It took nearly 30 years but, finally, I have settled upon the BEST way to store and display my scarf collection.

I can now view every scarf I own, the flocked bars keep the scarves from slipping, and I never have to worry about ironing before wearing.

Once numbering over 200 pieces, I have narrowed my collection to the most unique blends of colors and patterns, which still leaves me with over 100+.  However, given the wealth of selections while thrifting or shopping the internet, I'm sure to exceed that number all too soon, again, LOL.

An added benefit of scarves:  when in doubt, or just too tired to work my wardrobe, I can always count on a quick scan of my scarf collection for color inspiration.

BTW, need to give a plug to Hermès' new site dedicated to Fashionistas of the Scarf, J'aime Mon Carré, aka I Love My Scarf website.  See how scarf dressing is played out around the world, then send in your own photos in an Hermès scarf (yes, they can be thrifted if you know where to look).

It's Been a Marvelous Summer

Things have been rather quiet here on my blog, but that's only because it has been such a wonderfully busy Summer, the sort that creates memories like those of a blessed childhood at the beach.  The coming weeks will entail some serious catch-up, as brisk winds continue to build upon the adventure and I hesitate to *fall* too far behind!