Friday, December 25, 2009

Reflections on Christmas Evening

Outside, the winds subtly blow, the pinging of icy raindrops hitting the windows.  Christmas is winding down. I am snuggled in bed with my netbook and a freshly brewed Paris tea, perusing fashion blogs while Rebecca Ebony Princess lays at my feet.

I am totally amazed at the level of creativity and diversity in fashion blogging, not to mention the multitude of expressive writing styles.  It's almost intimidating for a rookie blogger like myself, but then again, having to learn new things at age 56 is
what keeps life interesting.  Not quite sure how to handle photographing my personal style, but I can't think of better motivation for staying in shape and continuing with the closet overhaul.  I find it pleasantly surprising to see how many bloggers are into vintage and high/low cross-generational style mixes.  Reminds me of the fun we had back in the 1960s when Biba ruled.  What goes around does indeed come back around, but it's certainly more interesting on the recurring trips down memory lane!

Tradition is deeply rooted in Christmas, when even the trendiest Fashionista feels the tugging at their heart to reconnect with the familiar, whether that be family, distant friends, or the nostalgia of old homesteads.  As you enter your 50s you become painfully aware of time, its passing and the realization that there is a finite amount left for you to leave your fingerprint on the world.  I always use the Holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Year's, to reflect back on what I've managed to achieve, goals I've rewritten, and those abandoned for lack of relevance to the person I've become.
I also hold dear memories of loved ones now gone.  The display above is one of many throughout my home.  Frames of gold, silver, and all manner of glitz, acquired throughout the year, for there are still so many photos yet to display.  These photos celebrate Holidays past:  the wonder of new grandchildren, the dinners which took days to prepare (and can still be tasted), the countless smiles that were themselves presents.  Our numbers have decreased by four this year, leaving my mother the last of her family and my father the last of six brothers.  While they may no longer share a physical place at the table, they will always celebrate the Holidays in our hearts.

Rebecca is getting tired.  Guess it's time to call it a night.

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